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TGHA Annual General Meeting 2023 will be held

on October 26, 2023

from 7:00 - 9:00pm

in the library of

Esther Starkman School.


Here's a look back at earlier AGMs:
2017 AGM minutes &

2016 AGM minutes presentation
2015 AGM minutes & presentation
2014 AGM minutes & presentation
2013 AGM minutes & presentation
 2012 AGM minutes & present 1 & 2
2011 AGM minutes & presentation
2010 AGM minutes & presentation
Terwillegar Community

AGM 2022

Homeowners met to discuss TGHA's financial status and achievements over the past year including TGHA's really fun community event, need to replace the stream pump, and planting of 300 new trees as part of a national program. Refer to the minutes and presentation for more information. 

AGM 2021

TGHA Annual General Meeting 2021 was held under our gazebo on October 28 in order to continue protecting the health and safety of our members. Here is the presentation distributed during the meeting. We are very happy to welcome two new board members this year! To learn more, please review the draft minutes.

AGM 2020

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2020 was cancelled in response to Ministerial Order 2020and our desire to help ensure residents remain healthy and safe. Highlights 2020 provided an overview of TGHA's responsibilities while it celebrated our achievements, demonstrated continued fiscal responsibility, and outlined work as voted upon during AGM 2019.

AGM 2019

Homeowners reviewed achievements over the past year including painting and landscaping along several of our common paths and sidewalks, improvements introduced by a new horticulturalist, and upcoming work to paint and repair shared aluminum fences in our neighbourhood.  Refer to the presentation or minutes for more information

AGM 2018

Homeowners voted to approve minutes of the 2017 AGM, accept the 2018 financial statement, and approve the 2019 budget as well as the proposed 3-year plan for 2019-2021. Also, members discussed installation of the fountains and new aeration system, refurbishment of the entrance-ways, stream maintenance, and all of the services requested by TGHA and provided by the City. Refer to the presentation and minutes for additional information.

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