Every October during the Annual General Meeting (AGM), neighbours review TGHA's achievements and financial status, discuss concerns, vote on a 3-year plan, elect new Board members, and meet great neighbours.
Join us for AGM 2019!
We also extend our sincere appreciation to the wonderful staff at
Esther Starkman School for allowing us to use their library during our meeting! 
Here's a look back to earlier AGMs:
 2012 AGM minutes & present1 & 2
2011 AGM minutes & presentation 2010 AGM minutes & presentation

AGM 2018

Homeowners voted to approve minutes of the 2017 AGM, accept the 2018 financial statement, and approve the 2019 budget as well as the proposed 3-year plan for 2019-2021. Also, members discussed installation of the fountains and new aeration system, refurbishment of the entrance-ways, stream maintenance, and all of the services requested by TGHA and provided by the City. Refer to the presentation and minutes for additional information.

AGM 2017

Homeowners met to discuss TGHA's financial status and growing reserve fund as well as achievements over the past year including the TGHA Summer Kick-off Event with TELUS, TGHA Guide, and contribution toward South Terwillegar Park. Board members thanked Councillor Anderson for his support over the years. Refer to the presentation and minutes for additional information.  

AGM 2016

Homeowners appreciated results of the completed Phase III landscaping project which involved refurbishment of the Terwillegar Greens, Tory Gate and Tegler Gate entrances. Homeowners also voted on a 3-year plan that focuses on communications and allows reserve funds to grow in 2017. Refer to the presentation or minutes for more information.

AGM 2015

Homeowners celebrated successful completion of the summer project to repair and repaint 12,850 linear feet of common wooden fences within Terwillegar Greens and Terwillegar Gardens. Refer to the presentation or minutes for more information.


AGM 2014

Homeowners reviewed achievements over the past year including the effective completion of Phase II landscaping primarily near the pond, contribution to Terwillegar spray park, and installation of a new sidewalk in the dry pond area. Refer to the presentation or minutes for more information.


AGM 2013

Homeowners talked about the successful completion of Phase I landscaping primarily around the gazebo and Tory and Tegler Gate entrances. Refer to the 2013 minutes or presentation for more information.