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Every year the TGHA Board of Directors takes on a new project - some projects are anticipated as part of a 3-year plan while others are unexpected yet need attention. Here are a few projects the Board undertook that are beyond the regular maintenance, improvements and homeowner services. 

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Celebrating 20 Years of TGHA Services! (2023)

We celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Terwillegar Gardens Homeowner Association's dedicated services and the 25th year of our community! Reflecting on the strides made over the past two decades, we reviewed our financial status and charted a course for the upcoming years. For a comprehensive overview, refer to the AGM presentation.


Over the past quarter-century, we have worked together to uphold the standards that make our neighborhood a desirable place to live. From maintaining common areas, garden planters, and fences to organizing community events and replacing water features, your contributions have played a vital role in preserving our shared property values and enhancing our quality of life. Thank you for your amazing support! 

300 New Trees in 2022

Community Event and Hundreds of Trees! (2022)

With help from the federal and municipal governments, we planted more than 300 free trees throughout our neighbourhood as part of the national 2 Billion Trees initiative! Also, we held a well-attended, fun community event involving neighbours, sunshine, games, live music and food trucks on August 18 at the gazebo. It was so successful we have been asked to do it every year! For more information on these accomplishments, the refurbishment of shrubs, rocks and mulch along 16 common sidewalks, and the new stream pump, check out the letter sent with your dues in March 2023 or the AGM 2022 presentation


TGHA Fence Painting in 2021

We Painted Again! (2021)

We repainted all of the shared wooden fences, about 12,850 linear feet of them, within Terwillegar Greens and Terwillegar Gardens in 2021. Neighbours expressed their appreciation and support for successfully maintaining these fences on a 5 to 7-year cycle which included replacing rotting posts, repairing and cleaning boards, and repainting them to look fantastic along our roads and common sidewalks. The project was completed on time and within the approved budget. 


For more information, please check out the AGM 2021 presentation and minutes

Maintenance in 2020

A Year We Won't Forget (2020)

During 2020, beautiful gardens were planted by TGHA's horticultural enthusiasts, fountains were repaired, a new landscaping and maintenance crew was hired, garbage cans and benches were repainted, dog litter bag dispensers were installed, and 10 large planters were installed even as we experienced an unprecedented shift in the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you to all those homeowners who reached out to express their appreciation for the improvements and continued to volunteer.


To comply with Ministerial Order 09/2020 and help ensure residents remained healthy and safe, Annual General Meeting 2020 was cancelled. Information usually provided during the meeting is available here in the Highlights 2020 presentation. Visit the AGM page or contact the at any time should additional information be required.

Landscaping in 2019

What do paint, plants and science have in common? (2019)

They were all used to beautify our neighbourhood in 2019 and keep it healthy! Environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions and rust-proof black paint recommended by Epcor and the City of Edmonton, were applied to sign posts, sidewalk gates and electrical boxes throughout our community. With support from a horticulturalist and voting members, soils were tested and new annuals and perennials were planted and fertilized. Several truckloads of mulch were brought in to refurbish beds along sidewalks and to protect roots and soils. Finally, with the help of several young volunteers, rocks along the stream shoreline were replaced to minimize erosion. All of this was accomplished within the budget approved during the previous AGM and considered so successful that horticultural services will be retained again in 2020 to continue improving our neighbourhood. For more information, refer to the AGM 2019 presentation.

TGHA Guide in 2017

TGHA Homeowner's Event and Guide (2017)

In order to rebuild the reserve fund this year, homeowner's voted in 2016 to spend time and effort on less expensive, yet valuable activities such as homeowner communications in 2017. In response, TGHA developed the TGHA Guide which offers residents information about our community, architectural guidelines, bylaws, and available city services. This guide was distributed to all TGHA homeowners in March 2017 at a reduced rate subsidized by TELUS.


TGHA also hosted a Summer Kick-off Event at our gazebo in July. Homeowners gathered to enjoy hotdogs and games while chatting with neighbours and asking questions about the newly installed pure fibre TELUS network. For more information about the guide, event, and other achievements, refer to the 2017 Annual General Meeting presentation.  

Landscaping in 2016

Landscaping Phase III and Lighting (2016)

Taylor Greens residents asked and TGHA delivered! As part of the third phase of landscaping in the neighbourhood, the entrance between Taylor Close and the park was refurbished with beautiful yet hardy trees, shrubs and perennial plants and colourful feature stones that complement landscaping around the gazebo, pond and stream. TGHA also fixed the lighting and improved foliage at the Tegler Gate and Tory Gate entrances then replaced dead shrubs throughout the neighbourhood.


This third phase of landscaping, which was discussed and approved by homeowners every year during Annual General Meetings since 2012, marks the end of this landscaping project. Thank you Salisbury Greenhouses for helping to improve our neighbourhood and create a place that we love to call home!

Painting in 2015

Fence Painting (2015)

During the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in October 2015, TGHA members celebrated successful completion of the project to repair and repaint 12,850 linear feet of common wooden fences within Terwillegar Greens and Terwillegar Gardens. Common wooden fences are those facing (i.e., running parallel to and located within 10 feet from) city roads, city sidewalks and city property. This includes lots of fences in the back alleys of Terwillegar Greens. The project was completed on time and on budget, coming in at a cost of $71,300. Homeowner dues were not increased to cover the cost of this work. During the AGM, members agreed to focus on refurbishing the entrance from Taylor Close to the big park and both the entrances at Tegler Gate and Tory Gate in 2016. For more information about this project or to offer any suggestions, visit   

Landscaping in 2014

Landscaping Phase I and II (2014)

In April 2013, the first of three phases of landscaping was successfully completed. Beautiful rocks, shrubs and flowers were planted in new and refurbished beds at Tegler Gate, Tory Gate and the area surrounding the gazebo. Homeowners, City employees and even residents of neighbouring communities have stopped to admire the landscaping and gone out of their way to offer their compliments. During the October 2013 AGM, homeowners agreed to continue the work.


The second phase of landscaping was completed in May 2014. It focused on areas adjacent to the stream including the raised planters and boat launch. Through the efforts of some great neighbours, 400 flowering plants were added to highly visible areas. Also, several shrubs throughout the neighbourhood damaged by city crews during winter snow ploughing were replaced at the City contractor's expense after TGHA Board successfully argued their position with the City. A third phase of landscaping concentrating on common sidewalks and areas may begin as early as 2015/16.

Proposed Housing in 2013

Proposed Housing Facility (2013)

In June 2013, plans for a new supportive housing project (located in Terwillegar Towne next to the Anglican church) came to the attention of the Terwillegar Gardens and Terwillegar Greens residents as well as TGHA Board members. The proposed facility was designed to offer apartments to 60 high risk homeless men currently living in Edmonton. TGHA Board members met on several occasions with church and community leaders, polled TGHA homeowners, and attended open house meetings along with residents to gather information and opinions about the project.


Reflecting these results, TGHA Board offered the following position at the 2013 Annual General Meeting in October: "Homelessness affects everyone. We want to help but there is a better way." On November 5, 2013 Bishop Jane Alexander with the Anglican Diocese of Edmonton agreed indicating "We're committed to going ahead and putting a project on that land that will actually move towards contributing to the eradication of homelessness and addressing needs of poverty...we don't think this project can be successful in this particular place." Discussions will continue and a solution will be found.

Replacing the Orchard in 2012

Replacing the Orchard (2012)

In 2011, Rabbit Hill lived up to its name when several hungry rabbits ate the bark off 30 fruit trees in the orchard located next to the stream. During the 2011 AGM, homeowners voted to replace the trees. The trees were successfully replaced and staked in 2012.


To prevent this from happening again, all of the trees in the orchard were wrapped in wire netting. This didn't slow the larger rabbits propped up on the snow from reaching the lower branches of the new and existing trees so TGHA placed wire baskets around the lower limbs of each tree. This doesn't hurt the rabbits but does make the meal less attractive.


Please help yourself to the fruit but use a ladder to reach the higher apples to avoid breaking any branches.

23 Avenue Maintenance in 2012

23rd Avenue Rural Ditch (2011/12)

The rural ditch between Terwillegar's common fence and 23rd Avenue has raised several concerns. Among them, the lack of sidewalks places safety of pedestrians accessing bus stops, using cross-walks, or walking to school or to recreation and leisure activities on a daily basis, at risk. Unsafe practices, traffic congestion and unpredictable behaviors have resulted. Additionally, this natural ditch with its steep slope cannot be safely maintained by city crews. This has led to problems with pests, weeds and temporary overhead wiring and left the ditch (and our neighbourhood) appearing unkempt.


The City of Edmonton estimated the cost of upgrading this area would approach $3 million dollars as bringing this rural ditch to an urban standard requires considerable fill as well as raising all light standards. They placed this at the bottom of their priority list until the TGHA Board successfully argued about the unsafe and unkempt conditions of the ditch as well as the lack of application of city standards before City Counsel. Counsellors agreed to make this a priority project.

Playground Shelter in 2011

Playground Shelter (2011)

Every once in a while an opportunity comes along to contribute to the larger neighbourhood - development of the playground between Monsignor William Irwin Catholic Elementary School (kindergarten, grades 1-6) and Esther Starkman Elementary and Junior High (kindergarten, grades 1-9) schools was a great opportunity. Neighbours raised funds then raised the play structures over a period of two years. Terwillegar Greens/Gardens homeowners voted during the 2010 AGM to build a low maintenance, roofed shelter for the playground. The shelter was successfully completed in 2011 due to the support of lots of great neighbours. Today, the shelter is a welcome spot for everyone.

Thanks to all members for making this and other projects in our community possible. TGHA would also like to extend a "thank you" to staff at both schools who keep our playgrounds clean and children safe near the water and ice on the pond every year.

10-Year Planning in 2018

TGHA 10-Year Planning and Electrical System (2018)

In 2018, TGHA Board members developed a longer-term 10-year plan to help ensure the shorter 3-year plans on which we vote every year, were actually helping us achieve our desired vision of being one of the most desirable place in which to live within the city. The plan also highlighted our values, focal areas and budget available over the next few years to help maintain and improve our common areas and features that are now 15 years old. In addition to 10-year planning, the TGHA installed a new electrical system to support our two fountains and a new aeration system which will help control algae build-up in our pond starting in 2019.  

For more information about the fountains, our plans and all of the great work we accomplished with the City of Edmonton in 2018, refer to the Annual General Meeting 2018 presentation.

New Fountains in 2010

New Fountains (2010)

Lightning never strikes the same place twice - at least that is what TGHA members are counting on after replacing the (south) fountain in the pond that was struck in 2010. TGHA replaced the fountain in 2011 and installed a second fountain at the same time to control algae build-up in the pond.


If you have a suggestion to improve our neighbourhood - whether it occurs as a result of natural or other conditions - please contact the TGHA. Larger projects, such as the installation of fountains, building of a playground shelter, improving a rural ditch, replacing an orchard, upgrading landscaping or discussions about a housing facility will be brought to the attention of all TGHA members during an AGM. Smaller improvement projects, such as pruning a tree, planting additional flowers, or adding new signage can be addressed at any time of the year. Please submit these ideas or requests with an estimate of cost, a description of the benefit to the neighbourhood and future maintenance requirements, names of volunteers or lead contact person, and any other relevant background materials to the TGHA. The Board meets on a monthly basis to discuss matters and is always looking for ways to make our neighbourhood a great place to live.    

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