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TGHA has contracted a part-time horticulturalist this summer!
Blooming Pathway in 2013


Terwillegar Gardens Homeowners Association has contracted an experienced, part-time horticulturalist from May through August to plant, maintain and improve gardens consisting of annuals, perennials, ornamental plants and shrubs in shared areas enjoyed by hundreds of our neighbours. This is a fun and challenging outdoor job requiring 12 hours a week to bring our gardens from their current state to “wow!” as we live up to our name.  


Our horticulturalist will:

1. Plan, cultivate, landscape, maintain and improve seven gardens consisting of annual flowers, perennials, ornamental plants and shrubs. This includes designing and recommending landscaping plans, preparing the soil, ordering and planting flowers, watering and supervising contracted watering crews, fertilizing and deadheading or pruning, maintaining plant health, and preparing foliage for the fall.


2. Work with contracted landscapers in maintaining an apple orchard as well as other plants, shrubs and trees in common areas within Terwillegar Gardens. This includes advising on the general health of foliage and identifying areas of concern, assisting in planting shrubs along walkways, participating in pruning, staking or caging shrubs and trees, helping to spread soil, mulch or rocks, and remedying minor concerns.


3. Perform administrative and related tasks under the supervision of one Terwillegar Gardens Homeowners Association Board member. This includes providing recommendations, monthly status reports and invoices to the Board, working within a budget and agreed upon timelines, abiding by city standards and bylaws, seeking environmentally-friendly solutions to improve plant health and landscaping, and performing related tasks requested by the Board supervisor.

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