TGHA operates as a non-profit Society according to specific legislation, bylaws and agreements. It is governed by an elected, volunteer Board of Directors consisting of residents from Terwillegar Greens and Gardens.
Homeowners follow architectural guidelines and bylaws to keep our neighbourhood great. Homeowners also share their concerns and project ideas, vote on issues, and elect new Board members during Annual General Meetings.
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the developer, entered into a Restrictive Covenant and Encumbrance Agreement with TGHA in July 2000. Through this agreement, TGHA became the holder of leases, easements and other rights in, to and over subdivided lots within Terwillegar Gardens subdivision. This included easements for perimeter fences, entrance gateways, park parcels, gardens, and subdivision features. In 2002, the agreement was expanded to include Stage 8 lands and expanded again in 2003, to include Stage 11 lands.

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