Paying homeowner dues on-line is a two step process:


Step 1. Begin by entering your name, email address and Terwillegar property address below. Please let us know if you would like to receive email updates of major events, if you are renting your property or have a different mailing address. Then press Send.


Step 2. Press the Buy Now button below after you read these instructions.


Pressing it will open a PayPal window. In the PayPal window confirm you are paying Terwillegar Gardens Homeowners Dues and enter the amount owed (including any interest) then press Continue. Enter your email address and press Next if you have a PayPal account OR if you don't have an account, indicate whether you will Pay with a Debit or Credit Card. Confirm or enter your card information and press Pay Now. PayPal will send you a receipt. Now that you have read the instructions, press: 

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For an account status update, contact TGHA Administrator


TGHA collects annual dues from 517 registered homeowners who have property within Terwillegar Greens (i.e., Taylor Green, Taylor Cove, Taylor Close and Towne Centre Boulevard) and Terwillegar Gardens (i.e., Tegler Gate, Tegler Green, Tory Road, Tory View, Tory Crescent, Tory Point, Todd Link, Todd Court, Todd Landing, Thompson Court, Thompson Place, Thorogood Lane, Thorogood Close and Devonshire Village).